Health Matters

Because a healthy air show is a safe air show.

We take the health of our attendees and our community very seriously, and we are monitoring the situation with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) very closely. The Los Angeles County Air Show continues to take extra precautions to further protect our guests including:

  • Adding hand-washing stations throughout the venue.
  • Making alcohol hand sanitizers available at select locations.
  • Posting signage encouraging our volunteers, and patrons to wash their hands.
  • Enhancing the janitorial cleaning schedule where appropriate.
  • Encouraging patrons who are not feeling well (i.e. fever, cough, respiratory problem) to refrain from attending the event.
  • In preparation for the Show, we are staying in close contact with the medical community experts and other leadership, and will be communicating updated recommendations as they become available.

The Center for Disease Control has provided the public with this page giving more background information on the disease which we encourage you to review. The CDC has also produced this informative page on what you can do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Again, we take your health and the health of others very seriously, so we urge anyone who has been ill or has someone in their household who has been ill very recently to refrain from attending the Air Show.

Thank you for remaining vigilant and helping us keep the air show a safe and fun event.