STEM Program

Furthering the Air Show's mission of inspiring the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Celebrating STEM Achievements in Aerospace Valley

Every big achievement and discovery of aerospace history has been reached when innovators played in the boundaries between Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We’re delighted to provide an exhibition for anyone interested in aerospace and the STEM fields, as well as to offer scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in this area.

What makes our STEM Exhibits so Cool?

Glad you asked! A few highlights include:

  • ‘Hands-on’ opportunities for kids and adults to meet pilots, find out how robots operate, and see how the sun can power a car!
  • High school robotics teams will be on hand to demonstrate how their robots work.
  • The 2020 Air Show will feature a drone exhibit as part of the overall STEM experience.

Join us in March 2020 and visit one the best STEM exhibitions you will ever experience!

Photos from Previous Stem Exhibits

What is STEM, Anyway?

STEM education is more than just Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics; it is an interdisciplinary and applied approach, coupled with real-world, problem-based learning. STEM education removes the traditional barriers between the four disciplines by integrating them into one cohesive teaching and learning paradigm. Today, new innovations and inventions tend to be made at the boundaries of these four disciplines, where they naturally overlap.

A STEM-literate student is even more than an innovator and critical thinker, able to make meaningful connections between school, community, work, and global issues. A STEM-literate high school graduate can enroll in a college-level course of study in science, technology, engineering, or math without the need for remediation. STEM skills are increasingly necessary to engage in our knowledge-based economy. Solid evidence suggests that the highest-wage and fastest-growing jobs in future years will be in STEM fields and all employees will need to utilize STEM skills for problem solving in a wide range of industries.

Apply for our STEM Scholarship!

Download the application and read the guidelines at the link below.


Interested in Becoming a STEM Exhibitor?

Use this 2020 STEM Exhibition Registration Form, and contact with any questions. You will receive a form which should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Schools interested in presenting will be sent permission slips upon acceptance to the program.