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Questions about the Air Show?

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What Is An Air Show?
From supersonic capable jets to gravity-defying aerobatic acts, parachutists, and a host of on-the-ground displays and activities, a day at the Air Show is a fantastic and memorable experience, whether you’re an avid aviation enthusiast or just love a great show. Tens of millions of spectators attend Air Shows every year, and the Air Show industry represents one of the very largest, if not the largest, outdoor professional sports in North America. Air Shows are the largest attended sport in the US. Priced for families and individuals of all ages, this is one show you won’t want to miss – buy your tickets today!
When Is the Air Show?
Saturday, March 21 and Sunday, March 22, 2020. Information on show start times coming soon. Gates open at 9 AM with performances from approximately 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM each day of the two-day show.
Where can I get directions to the air show?

Fox Field is located approximately seven (7) miles from Lancaster and 15 miles from Palmdale. For accurate directions depending on your location please use Google Maps or Mapquest. Driving directions can also be found here for Lancaster or here for Palmdale.

Will the Air Show Be televised?

The Air Show will not be televised and unauthorized broadcast of the show is prohibited. To see all aspects of the Air Show, you need to attend.

Are cameras and video recorders allowed?
Yes, cameras and video recorders are allowed.
What Happens if it rains?
It takes more than a few drops of rain to stop the LA County Air Show! The Air Show will take place – rain or shine both Saturday and Sunday. Air Show performers have high, low and flat routines to adapt to varying weather conditions. Schedules may be altered or delayed for periods of time if heavy rainfall occurs. All display aircraft, concessions and exhibits will be open regardless of weather unless safety is a concern.

Tickets and parking

Is parking Free?

No, parking is not free. ONLY CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR PARKING or you may purchase parking vouchers online here. The fee for each vehicle is $10 (oversized trailers, motor homes and buses are $30) and does not include exit and re-entry.

Do I need to buy my children tickets?

General admission for youth fifteen (15) and under is free. Free entry is for general admission only.
Paid admission required for attendees sixteen (16) and older.

Does the Air Show accept credit cards or checks at the gate?

The Air Show accepts cash and credit card for gate admission tickets. Only cash will be accepted for parking.

Is bleacher seating available?

No, bleacher seating is not available.  Please visit our ticket page here for information regarding seating/ticket options.

May I bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on?

Seating/chairs are not included with General Admission tickets so please feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit on.

Are coolers and/ or backpacks permitted?

Due to security concerns, coolers and large bags are not permitted on the show site. Small coolers for the purpose of carrying doctor prescribed, life-preserving medications are permitted. All personal handbags, standard sized backpacks, totes, diaper bags, etc. are subject to search at the entry gates. Click here to see the list of permitted/prohibited items.

Are pets allowed?

For the safety of attendees and the animals, pets are not allowed on show grounds. Certified service animals that meet the ADA requirements seen here will be permitted.

May I leave and re-enter the air show during the day?

Please retain your ticket stub and acquire a hand stamp before exiting show grounds to ensure your ability to return. Please note that parking vouchers or paying day of the show for parking does not include exit and re-entry.

Are shaded areas available?

Limited shade may be found under the wings of static display aircraft but is limited. Guests are encouraged to bring sunscreen, hats and sunglasses for comfort.

May I bring a tent, beach umbrella, or awning?

Due to security and safety concerns, tents, umbrellas, awnings and the like are not permitted on show grounds. Personal, hand-held umbrellas are permitted.


Where Can I get Information about the CoronaVirus?
We take the health of our attendees and our community very seriously, and we are monitoring the situation with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) very closely.

The Center for Disease Control has provided the public with this page giving more background information on the disease which we encourage you to review. The CDC has also produced this informative page on what you can do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We take your health and the health of others very seriously, so we urge anyone who has been ill or has someone in their household who has been ill very recently to refrain from attending the Air Show.

What food is commonly found at an air show?
The Air Show will have a large variety of food available for purchase similar to large-scale outdoor events including but not limited to pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers.
Are vegetarian or vegan options available?
The master concessionaire makes every effort to ensure menu items are suitable for all guests.
Are first aid facilities on site?
Yes, medical personnel will be on site and a first aid center will be open.
What are recommended items to bring to an air show?
Portable chairs, strollers, cameras, sunscreen, earplugs and blankets are items Air Show veterans tend to pack.
What items are prohibited from being brought to the air show?

Here is a list of some of the prohibited items from Air Show grounds: coolers, loose ice, cans, glass, alcohol, pets, weapons of any kind, tents, awnings and cooking/barbecue equipment. Please note cooking and barbecuing equipment are not allowed in the parking lots (for example, you are not allowed to barbecue in the parking lot for lunch). For a complete a list of permitted/prohibited items please click here.

Is smoking allowed?

There are only four (4) areas where smoking is allowed on site, please refer to the air show map for these locations. All other areas on the ramp and in the parking areas is prohibited. This is for the safety of our guests and the fueled aircraft in these areas. This includes traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. Please note possession and use of Cannabis products on site are prohibited (Health & Safety Code Section 11362.3 (1) ) at all times.”

Is tailgating allowed?

Loitering at your vehicle or tailgating is not allowed.

Are RVs allowed?

Yes RVs are allowed, however there is limited space and it is on a first come first serve basis.

Is there handicap parking?

In accordance with California State law and ADA requirements there is handicap parking.

Parking Information

There is ample parking and superb traffic management. Please note, parking is not free.

Cash only will be accepted for parking, or you may purchase parking vouchers online. The fee for each vehicle is $10 (oversized trailers, motor homes and buses are $30) and does not include exit and re-entry.

Parking is permitted only in designated parking areas at William J. Fox Airfield. All routing and parking is monitored by law enforcement during show days.

Health and Safety

  • Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to avoid dehydration.
  • Be cautious around aircraft and other displays that may have exposed sharp corners and edges that may damage skin.
  • Air shows are large events and guests must cover great distances to see all of the show. Plan to walk a great deal throughout the day and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Do not hesitate to seek help, such as water or a short stay in a shaded area.
  • Debris can be extremely hazardous to performers and spectators. Please make sure that all trash is deposited in trash receptacles to maintain a safe and clean environment for everyone.
  • All carried items are subject to search. Bring only the items necessary for your day.