L.A. County Air Show

Photo Tour

The Photo Tour is closed for the 2017 Air Show, please come back in 2018.

The Photo Tour will be returning to the Los Angeles County Air Show again this March with individual day passes along with a three-day package deal. The Photo Tour is for Aviation Photographers who are not working media, but strive for the access that provides for better aviation images.


  • Unprecedented locations for Rehearsal Day (Friday, March 24th) and both public show days (Saturday and Sunday, March 25th and 26th)

  • Early morning access, before the general public for both days of the show (Saturday & Sunday only) starting with a briefing at 6:00 a.m., and then off to the ramp for some sunrise shooting and some uncluttered early morning images. Note: There is no early access on Friday.

  • Photo Tour membership gives you admission to show grounds and a daily parking pass along with access to the private Photo Chalet.

  • Lunch and refreshments will be provided in the Photo Chalet during your time at the airfield.

  •  Shoot from three (3) reserved locations closer to the aircraft than the general public is allowed, along with the option to shoot from anywhere inside the general public crowd line, so you can capture the excitement and spectacle of the airshow performers.

  • The pleasure of being with other aviation photographers and enthusiasts locally and from various other countries.

Photo Tour FAQs

Each Participant receives a Parking Pass, a Photo Tour Badge & Lanyard that allows access to the Air Show and the Photo Chalet. The badge will allow you to also gain access to the three exclusive Photo Pits. Inside the Photo Chalet you will be provided a box lunch and assorted snacks during the course of the day. Water is available in the chalet all day.

Photo Tour participants have exclusive access to the Photo Chalet, which is a covered walled off tent near show center.

There is limited seating provided inside the Chalet, but you may bring your own if you want to. Some photographers set up their personal seating just inside the crowd line for more options.

There are light snacks provided throughout the day, along with a box lunch around 11:00am. Water is provided all day long.

Photo Pits are exclusive fenced off areas in three strategic locations that are for the Photo Tour participants use only. Tripods are allowed, but because of safety concerns, no seating is allowed inside any of the pits.

If you plan on walking a lot, pack light and bring only what you want to carry all day. If you plan on utilizing the three photo pits, a long lens (lenses observed at previous shows range from 200mm to 600mm), a tripod is almost a necessity for sunrise shots. There’s plenty of subject matter for wide angle lenses as well, so don’t forget one of those. Fill flash is very useful in areas out on the ramp, and flash will generally be needed inside the exhibition tents. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and hearing protection are all very good ideas.

Yes, there will be a few surge protectors if you need to charge batteries and/or phones. These usually fill up fast, so best be prepared and not have to depend on them if possible.

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